Dear client. I am not a mom

Marieke Hensel Christmas phone

“Are you active or just a MOM?”, emailed one of my clients. This question made me furious. Knowing very well what a “yes” answer would mean: less business. On one hand I am happy that they asked me that question. I know now what he thinks, and maybe what more people think about me. Obviously I […]

Letting go of our baby daughter


“Mom, can you move the diaper bag?” asks my 11yo. The diaper bag is where it’s always at. Behind the couch, close to the kitchen. So we can easily restock it in case we need to leave the house with our baby daughter. I answer that I just can’t yet, and add “…but you can […]

The most unlucky people in the world

Gray Beschuit met Muisjes

“We’re the most unlucky people in the world,” says my 10yo. “Not only did we loose a child once, we lost children TWICE!” I cry. But we are not unlucky, and we are no victims. Although what have these potential adoptions turned out unfortunate for us. Last year we were in the process of adopting […]

This is who I really am…

Hensel Family

It’s been 6 years now since I last updated my About page on this blog. It’s not like nothing happened in the past 6 years. I would love to share with you what has made me to who I am today. Here it goes: I’m a risk taker, a challenger and a hard working idealist. […]

The Dangers of MineCraft and the one thing you should do to prevent problems

MineCraft Parenting

If you have boys in the ages of 8 to 14 years old, most likely you have heard of MineCraft. MineCraft is a computer game where you get dropped into a world where there are creepers  and monsters, and you can build your own world, at the same time trying to survive with these kreepers […]

Don’t follow the American Dream, it’s a myth

The American Dream

What a journey! in 2007 we arrived in the United States for what we thought was a 3 month family vacation. Now, more than 5 years later, we have build a living for ourselves. Rutger (my husbands) web hosting company celebrates 10 years. Run from 3 different continents. Branding Personality celebrated 5 years in the […]

Why my kids are not in school anymore

School is Out

This summer I took my kids out of school. Forever. It wasn’t an easy choice when I though of the convenience of having free daycare. But it was an easy and obvious choice when I thought about what is good for my kids. Ask many kids and they will tell you they don’t like to […]

Tell me 10 things I didn’t know about you

Blogs are a great way to share things about who you are. It is awesome to find things that connect you with someone else. Here I’ll be sharing my top 10 of things you probably didn’t know about me. What is your top 10? Please share a link if you write your top 10 on […]

Saturday night – time for a Pinterest craft: Melted Crayon Art

Pinterest Melted Crayon Art

It was the perfect night to finish a project I had started. One of those ideas that were pinned like crazy on Pinterest: melted crayon art. You probably saw the pictures. For less than $20 you can make two great artworks. 2 canvasses at Walmart for $6.99 and for $10 worth of Crayola crayons (Crayola […]

My Website now wears Polkadots, and yours?

Website in Polkadots

I just had to do something about it. Something about this site. This site is already 7 years old. I started it in 2005 and after I found it, I have always been loyal to WordPress. I was pretty active blogging in 2005 and 2006. You could consider them experiments at that time, but they […]

Achieving Writing Goals Together

National Novel Writing Month

November. It’s the month of mustaches, the month of Thanksgiving, and also the month of writing. One major national event this month is #Nanowrimo. National Novel Writing Month. If you are up for the challenge, many people across the world participate for 30 days in a writing challenge in which they try to write 50,000 […]

I’m starting my Personal MBA program, you can too!

Anobii book reading stats of Marieke Hensel

What’s better than spending $100K or more on an MBA, getting a diploma that is not necessary for an entrepreneur, and learning about things that are not all that relevant to your career path? We just returned from a vacation to San Francisco, where we spent a day at the Stanford campus, and that brought […]

5 things you need to know about The Netherlands that nobody will ever tell you

Be careful, this story is full of generalizations. If you are allergic to that, please move on and don’t bother reading, it will definitely itch. Since it’s vacation time, I’d like to share about my country and hope that it expands your horizon; geographically, but also culturally. To do that, I will start with the […]

Top 14 quotes by 6 historical heroes

1. Walt Disney “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” “All your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them” “All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me… You may not realize it when it happens, but a kick in the teeth […]

Why we shouldn’t go to school

I was amazed to read last week, that in the Netherlands we have only 170 children who are not going to school (legally) based on religious reasons. There are another 2100 children who are legally not going to school based on psychological or emotional problems. There is not a choice for parents to choose to […]

Branding Personality based on your requests!

These weeks my focus is only 1 thing, to get Branding Personality launched. WHAT? Branding Personality is a one-stop shop for online marketing campaigns for real people for whom it is important to get their name out on the web and get known by their target group. Many of them who have a 1 person […]

What globalization & internet means for us

[youtube]ljbI-363A2Q[/youtube] Exciting and scary at the same time. As it shows the world is changing so freakin’ fast. This video tells us that China and India are moving to world leadership in terms of number of people, but also intelligence. Next to that, it shows that if you are starting college you learn things in […]

You can be BusinessWise by reading my book

Yes! The book that I am co-authoring is available on Amazon! If you are starting a business, or considering doing so, BusinessWise is the book for you. A collaboration amongst over 20 business experts, this book looks at the whole process of setting up a new business with success in mind. It covers a wide […]

The permanent group

I am a member of a permanent group, which I cannot better describe than what Merijn Panhuijzen and Bart Kok did on their website: Quite by accident a group of Dutch businessmen and one woman discovered a fundamental answer to the crisis in modern governance: the permanent group. The permanent group is the missing link […]

Life update of 2007

Last year (2006) was hard on me. That’s why my new goal is to do a lot of fun things. Just the things that add value to my life, to the world or to…. you? I am born in 1979 and married in 2000 with Rutger in Las Vegas. In August 2002, our son Joep was born. In October 2004 Ciaran came to […]