Hard working woman

Still in Cluj, yesterday our goal was to take good care of ourselves. So there we went, to the beauty salon, for a new hairstyle and to do our nails. The manicure was a young woman of 18 years old and she could talk English very well. As the others didn’t, we talked with her.

This young woman worked for 2 years already as a manicure, she had 4 brothers and 1 sister. And was earning the family money. Her parents didn’t work after raising six children they were tired, as she said so. She was also taking care of her brothers and children. Her parents were just watching television most of the day or went out.

I believe somewhere they traded places, this young girl and her parents. She feels so responsible for her brothers, as she sais, she loves them so much. She cannot leave them alone. But they help her very well in the house, with doing the needed chores.

Respect is what I have for this girl. She is working a 60 hour schedule, from monday to saturday. And yet she is enjoying what she does and takes upon her the responsibility to create a better life for her brothers and sisters.

There are many strong people here in Romania, and I hope to meet more of them, like this young woman. They are a great inspiration and are able to grow Romania.