I’m starting my Personal MBA program, you can too!

What’s better than spending $100K or more on an MBA, getting a diploma that is not necessary for an entrepreneur, and learning about things that are not all that relevant to your career path?

We just returned from a vacation to San Francisco, where we spent a day at the Stanford campus, and that brought me back to the moment 5 years ago, when I had enrolled in an MBA program which was a collaboration between the University of Amsterdam and the University of Shanghai – Olymba. It had a great promise, I was selected for enrollment, it was paid for, and I was ready to go, but the program never launched.

Oh I love personal development, enrichment by reading great books. And I did purchase great books over the years. But also noticed I read less books over the past years then ever before, as you can see on my stats that I have been keeping on Anobii:

Anobii book reading stats of Marieke Hensel

So, now back to the Personal MBA.
The Personal MBA is an idea from Josh Kaufman. Like he says, you don’t have to pay high tuition costs to do an MBA. Make sure you read the right books. Josh created a categorized list of highly valuable books that you can read to get the knowledge you want. Josh offers a book, tutorials and a forum for support in getting started with your personal MBA.

His site and tutorials have inspired me to do an adapted version of his personal MBA. An MBA is not only reading business books, it’s also about learning how to apply these in business. And I am glad I can apply what I learn in my own company instead of to a case study company. Another important element within the MBA is the people you meet and the collaborative projects. I would love to find a good solution for that. I do have some ideas about this and added that to my Personal Plan.

My goal:
I want to acquire the knowledge to grow my agency and to support any B2C company from being a startup to become a $20 million dollar business, specifically in the area of online customer acquisition, digital marketing, online branding and sales.

I have outlined the subjects that I want to learn about and visualized this into a Mindmap.Personal MBA Mindmap - Marieke Hensel
(click on the picture to zoom in)

As you can see, my chosen subjects are: Business Management, Marketing, Personal Development, Digital Marketing, Trends in Society. It has a heavy marketing and digital marketing focus. As additional items, I have added: Projects, Network, and a Getting Started with the Personal MBA.

Making sure I’m up and running is my biggest concern for now. Blogging is part of my personal MBA plan, so you’ll see me here some more from now on! 🙂

  • sandy johnson

    love it! this is exactly what I need to do.

  • Great Sandy! I would love to hear how it goes! 🙂

  • Elias

    Is er al een ton gemaakt?

  • Luuk

    How is the MBA study going?#ikbenbenieuwd