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Marieke Hensel is the co-author of BusinessWise. A collaborative book for small companies with large ambitions. She has written on How to Attract your Target Group Online. BusinessWise is the #2 best selling business book on in May 2007.

Marieke has been covered in these media:

  • Telegraaf (largest Dutch newspaper)
  • Sprout (Dutch entrepreneur magazine)

Marieke Hensel is quoted in these media:
MKB Nederland magazine

Marieke has been a guest in these shows:
Radio 53N8 with Rick van Velthuizen (september 2005 and november 2005), Radio 538 is the most popular radio station in The Netherlands.

Marieke has been a speaker on the following events:

  • Womenontheweb seminar: How to be famous on the internet, language: Dutch, Utrecht, The Netherlands (June 2007)
  • Full day workshop: WordPress for beginners for WomenontheWeb, language: Dutch, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (July 14, 2007)

Marieke Hensel in Zakennieuws voor Haaglanden en Rijnland Marieke Hensel in Telegraaf 13 februari 2006
Zakennieuws voor Haaglanden en Rijnland, maart 2006. Telegraaf, 13 februari 2006