Life update of 2007

Last year (2006) was hard on me. That’s why my new goal is to do a lot of fun things. Just the things that add value to my life, to the world or to…. you?
I am born in 1979 and married in 2000 with Rutger in Las Vegas. In August 2002, our son Joep was born. In October 2004 Ciaran came to live in our house, we are still working on the official adoption. He is totally adapted to our family now. We call him Krijn and he is born November 2003 at Rutger’s brother en his now ex-girlfriend. They cannot take care of him and we are grateful to take care of this happy and sweet boy. In March 2005, our third son was born: Pim.

Our boys go to daycare (Krijn & Pim) 3 days a week and after-school care (Joep). Joep is homeschooled. Rutger and I are facilitating his talents and passions and next years also his brothers Krijn en Pim.

My mother passed away on October 2003 due to breast cancer. She was 49 years old. My sister, Heleen died March 2006. She decided to end her life, as she expierenced life as painful and difficult, especially after loosing our mother. I am grateful to have a loving dad and brother Meine, who both are working in their moving company. Meine is happily married with Hilde.
What I do, next to being married to Rutger and mothering JoepKrijn & Pim:

1. I homeschool my oldest son Joep
2. I am launching a new company: Branding Personality, to create people as brands on the internet.
3. I enjoy decorating and improving our house
4. I give advice on search engine optimalization, marketing, esp. for Google and with weblogs
5. I enjoy reading about Japanese, Japanese culture, personal development, trends, networking, inspiring books
6. I love writing, especially this weblog, but also on, A woman’s Place, Ecademy Netherlands, also at the mailinglijst of WomenOnTheWeb and I hope to write a couple of books someday
7. Also… I swim at David Lloyd sports club, I go to Baptist Church and I am really really like going on holidays to DisneyWorld, next to that I fell in love with Hello Kitty thingies. And… ehmm… I also love travelling a whole LOT
8. I am also actively involved with hensel hosting and do search engine optimalization jobs for clients of henselutions

We live in Amsterdam and travel by tram or by Bakfiets (a bike with a box in front where the children can sit safely).

And what about my past?
I lived in Utah, United States (Highschool year), studied in Brazil (Business Administration at the University of São Paulo) and in the Netherlands (Doing Business in Emerging Markets and a college degree in Small Business Management). Afterwards I had my own company in Hello Kitty, Japanese cartoon articles (import from Asia, export mainly to the United States), then I worked as a management trainee at ABN-Amro, where I am trained to become a branche manager and worked at a Bankshop. In Januari 2004 I became a business partner at hensel hosting and lateron henselutions.