Saturday night – time for a Pinterest craft: Melted Crayon Art

It was the perfect night to finish a project I had started. One of those ideas that were pinned like crazy on Pinterest: melted crayon art. You probably saw the pictures. For less than $20 you can make two great artworks. 2 canvasses at Walmart for $6.99 and for $10 worth of Crayola crayons (Crayola fairs well on this trend, I am sure!) And with about 2 hours of your time, you can make this yourself.

Mine are still drying, here you can see them:

Pinterest Melted Crayon Art

So how do you make this?
1. Glue the crayons in order on the canvas.
2. Put the artworks on newspapers diagonally
3. With a blow dryer heat the crayons up per section of about 10 crayons until they start melting
4. Set it to dry.

  • The next level up is encaustic painting: it uses beeswax and pigments, like crayons, but also contains a resin that won’t melt as easily as crayons. Heating elements, similar to clothes irons are used to melt/spread the pigment, and can be manipulated with painter’s palette knives.
    You may want to use a spray fixative on your paintings, so they won’t transfer to anything that may come up against it (moving, falling face-down on the floor, etc.).

  • Thanks Jay! I didn’t even think there would be a level up. Thanks for sharing that, seems worth a try!

  • Marieke, I hadn’t seen this on Pinterest yet! The idea is wonderfully creative and simple! I love how yours turned out!

    I am going to do this next weekend with my kids. I wonder what it would look like with random crayons, or with parts and pieces of them, rather than whole new ones. Hmmmmm. How long did it take to melt the crayon?

  • Hey Janet, definitely show your results with mixing up crayons. I like that idea, but am a bit worried it all mixes into brown. For 2 paintings it took me about 30 minutes. I read that it would take 10 minutes for each block of 10 crayons, not sure if my blowdryer is stronger or something, but it went quicker than that. 🙂

  • I must admit, this is pretty cool. Reminds me of a time I left a box of crayons on the backseat of my grandparents car and they all melted into one solid block. They melted but didn’t really merge well. I kept that block of crayons for a while thinking it was cool looking. This is much cooler and unique!

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  • If I turn a canvas sideways, use only three colors (would have to buy several packs to get 10 blues, for example), and melt them when they’re off the canvas but let the melted wax run down the canvas, I might end up with my own version of a Rothko. I’m liking the idea!

  • My kids will want to try this, too, and I already have canvases and plenty of paint in the house. This is going to be our first snowfall project. Thanks for sharing!

  • I love this! This is on my to-do list!

  • Please answer this !
    I’ve melted crayons onto card and paper; both have dried and cracked ridiculously which I was gutted about it 🙁 Does canvas stop it from cracking ? Or do I need a fixitive ? I’ve used PVA glue to seal it, however the card and paper both buckled and as I pushed it down to flatten it, it cracked ! I need it flat for a background piece .. Please help