Why the pressure to perform at school is not healthy for your child

Child under PressureThe kids in todays world are pressured to perform, not pressured to learn.

Achievements, achievements, achievements.

It looks like it’s all about the end results.

And it shouldn’t.

Especially for kids.

Suicides happen more often nowadays.
Cheating is happening everywhere.

It doesn’t matter what your kids think or what they care about, it’s all about performance.

The child on your kids’ football team that gets $10 for each goal they score.
Are they enjoying playing?
Does it matter anymore?
As long as he gets the $10… or $20…. or $30….
Then he can buy a toy he wants.

And then what?

And then what??

It has to stop!

Kids should have the chance to explore all the different things they like to do.

Let them explore!

Let them play!

When they are 18, they can still join the rat race, and consciously choose to go that way.

Or not…

What would the world look like if we actually enjoy what we are doing?

Some people think that’s a fairytale.

Other people think that people who are not doing what they like are are throwing their life away. It’s an empty vacuum. You get sucked into wanting more, while it’s hard to enjoy the journey.

Are your kids enjoying the journey?

Do they like going to school?

Why do they go to school?

Because they have to is NOT a reason.

Going to school is a choice.
We have the freedom to learn, but learning doesn’t happen only when at school.

Before kids turn 5 years old (and enter kindergarten), they learned a lot of stuff all by themselves.
They didn’t go to a learn-to-walk school, or learn-to-talk school.
They didn’t go to learn-to-eat school, or learn-to-drink school. They didn’t go to a learn-to-smile school, and some kids learned to read or write before entering any kind of school.

Just because they wanted to learn.

All math & language arts from K-12 can be taught in 100 hours. But we have to repeat, repeat and repeat, because we try to teach kids when they don’t want to learn. When they aren’t ready, or when they have interests that are much more fun than reading, writing or math.

This achievement culture is growing insane. And it has to stop with the kids.

This Sunday we are showing the documentary “Race to Nowhere.” This film takes a close up view of the current educational system, its current priorities and the consequential pressure placed on our school children.

Race to Nowhere is a call to action for families, educators, and policy makers to challenge current assumptions on how to best prepare the youth of America to become healthy, bright, contributing and leading citizens.

“Culture changing” Rachel Simmons, Author, The Curse of the Good Girl

“A growing grass-roots phenomenon.” Washington Post

“Must see movie” NY Times

“Another inconvenient truth” George Lucas Educational Foundation

“Compelling” Diane Ravich, Author, The Death and Life of the Great American School System

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  • Very interesting Marieke. Thanks for these thoughts you shared with us about parenting. I’ll be studying all aspects of these in the near future more and more I’m sure.