Why we shouldn’t go to school

I was amazed to read last week, that in the Netherlands we have only 170 children who are not going to school (legally) based on religious reasons. There are another 2100 children who are legally not going to school based on psychological or emotional problems. There is not a choice for parents to choose to get their children homeschooled. And this is for children between 4 and 18 years old.

There are many more kids in this age range who don’t go to school, who are not legally home.

In August our oldest son will turn 5 years old. And we have written our notice to the city government that he won’t be joining a school in the fall of 2007. On tuesday we have a meeting with someone from the city government to talk about our situation. And I hope all goes well. I feel well prepared, so I hope it won’t take much of our valuable time.

And more I hope that people will follow us to let their children grow up in the way that’s good for them, they don’t need to fit in the school system for any reason. And I believe that the more entrepreneurs we will have in the Netherlands, the easier it gets. Because it is easier for a 1 or 2 entrepreneurs family to choose for homeschooling, because you can be very flexible in your work & home schedule.